Wrote about us

I want to share my experience with the purchase of a building allotment in resort Golf View Resort High Tatras from the company LEGACY HIGH TATRAS. This location has amazed me mainly with its beautiful view of the High Tatras. The developer's services have greatly exceeded my expectations and my demand, as I decided to make a land survey on New Year's Eve and it was not a problem to realize it. I must emphasize the great patience of Mr Vojtaššák, which was demonstrative. His willingness to help was not over by purchase of the allotment, Mr. Vojtaššák has arranged everything in regards to the transfer of the allotment, willingly showed us the houses under construction as inspiration and continues to help us in the construction of the house itself. Thank you very much. Štefan Ratkovský, the landowner

Together with our wife, we have been looking for a place for relaxation and rest for several years. As we both love nature and surroundings of our mountains we have searched for advertisements, approached real estate agencies and we have started with an exhausting survey of real estate and allotments near High Tatras. By chance, when we returned from Tatras, we have noticed a beautiful location with the growing houses in Velka Lomnica. We intuitively searched for it for the first time, we got into the mantle of the magic alleys and immediately fell in love with it. The fantastic view of the High Tatras, calm and the energy radiating from this place touched us and we forgot to visit places where we have so far been looking for a suitable place for relaxation and housing. We called the phone number of Mr. Jozef Vojtaššák stated on the advertisement and from this moment on we were convinced that we found the right place for us. We met immediately and underwent a joint tour of the complex with a detailed explanation, where he acquainted us with his professional approach with every corner of the premises and increased our sense of security in choosing this locality. Accurate and reliable answers to our questions raised the right choice and so we signed up the deal within short time and subsequently realized the purchase of the allotment. Following our excellent experience and after a very serious negotiation with LEGACY HIGH TATRAS, s.r.o. I can assure everyone interested in living or recreation in the Tatras that this is the right and safe place where our dreams of living in the amazing Golf View Resort in Velka Lomnica can finally be fulfilled for years. PaedDr. Ingrid Kovalská and Mgr. Anton Kovalský, the landowners

In building, there are always decisions in which either the price or quality wins. About the project in Velka Lomnica from Legacy High Tatras I can say, that here always the quality wins. Štěpán Duplák, the owner of the construction company Ekoprim Tatry, which carried out the construction of engineering networks and local communication throughout the area

I highly recommend this place to everyone who is looking for a quiet place to live with family or for a weekend relaxation and also wants to enjoy the view of the High Tatras. The surroundings of the resort are exemplarily adapted and maintained, whether in summer or winter period. A lot of greenery around and the nearby woods are ideal for weekend walks. The developer in the resort is currently realizing a relaxation zone, which we are already looking forward very much together with our family. Especially in this locality, I appreciate its proximity to the High Tatras because in the winter time we spend a lot of time skiing in Tatranska Lomnica, where we can get by car up to 10 minutes and in the summer we can go on alpine tourism without long transport. Families with children will especially appreciate it. Of considerable importance to me, there is also very good transport accessibility to Poprad and then to D1, as I often travel to BA and KE. Mgr. Pavol Gavor, the landowner

In 2013 we have searched through Tatras for land used for recreational purposes, we contacted real estate agencies, advertisers and passed about 10 offers but we didn´t find anything of our interest. We were looking for a sunny allotment overlooking the High Tatras with all the networks ready for construction. Finally, we were lucky and took advantage of the GOLF VIEW RESORT offer. Our happy choice is confirmed with time, and we are gradually gaining further advantages: excellent accessibility at any time, great infrastructure in the immediate vicinity, developer access to the requirements, environment quality within the complex. We are happy with the guests who often come to us. MD. Martin Štefanský, landowner

The first time I got out of the car in the Golf View Resort, I was fascinated by the view of the Tatras and the Royal Hole. The same was the first impression of my wife. It is a beautiful place with a beautiful view, where everything is ready for construction. Mr. Vojtaššák was very helpful and always advised. We also hope with our wife that our neighbours in the area will live well. Peter Hvizda, landowner